List Distro
AlfaLinux is a port of the Linux operating system to Compaq (was Digital)'s Alpha CPU.
Distribution homepage
ALT Linux
Developed in Russia, ALT Linux is a universal distribution created by an international team of free software developers. ALT Linux Junior is a single-disk distribution for home computers, designed especially for beginners, easy to install and use. ALT Linux Master is a universal distribution which can be used on a server or on a workstation. It is equally useful for software developers. ALT Linux Castle is a protected server distributions on the basis of RSBAC system.
Russian Distribution homepage, English Distribution homepage
Amigo Linux
AMIGO Linux is one of the easiest ways yet to run Linux. Just unzip on a FAT partition and boot. No installation needed! The first time Amigo runs it will quickly detect your system's hardware and configure itself. Pre-installed GUI desktop and power-user let you get right to work. No configuration needed! Easiest way yet to install a Slackware-compatible distro. Small (+200MB), fast distro is nearly as easy to use as a 'live-CD Linux' but without the disadvantages. Runs with as little as 16MB RAM! This is Low-Fat Linux at its' best.
Distribution homepage
Annvix is currently a concept work-in-progress. It's aim is to be a secure Linux OS based on Mandrake Linux. Unlike Corporate Server, which is a fine server operating system, Annvix will be much more scaled down with a lot of additional security features. Currently Annvix is in the conceptual build stage. The first version will be based on Mandrake Linux 9.2 with a lot of cleanup and enhancements.
Distribution homepage
Arch Linux
Arch Linux is an i686-optimized linux distribution based on ideas from CRUX. It is lightweight and contains the latest stable versions of software. Packages are in .tar.gz format and are tracked by a package manager that is designed to allow easy package upgrades. Arch is quite streamlined compared to some other distributions. A default Arch install leaves you with a solid base; from there, you can add packages to create the custom installation you're looking for.
Distribution homepage
Ark Linux is a Linux distribution designed especially for desktop use, primarily for people without prior Linux experience. Its main goal is ease of use, and the inclusion of many tools end users will need.
Distribution homepage
ASPlinux is RedHat based and offers Asian and European language support, including Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and others, both in the command line mode and within the framework of the Xwindow system. ASPLinux supports the standards of open systems and Internet protocols, and can be installed with MS DOS, Windows95/98/NT, and Unix variations.
Distribution homepage
Aurox Linux is a Linux distribution with emphasis on support for several European languages, as well as multimedia and education. It is based on Red Hat Linux - version 9.0 of Aurox Linux is fully compatible with Red Hat 9. The CDs are also published with the "Aurox Linux" magazine available in several language versions (Polish, Czech, German, French, Spanish) in 9 countries of Europe.
Distribution homepage
BasicLinux is a multipurpose mini-Linux that boots from HD, FD or CD-ROM. The 2mb package provides the usual rescue/repair tools, but it can also dial an ISP and browse the net, or act as a router/firewall. BasicLinux uses a newbie-friendly shell and editor, and it would make a good introductory Linux for a DOS dinosaur.
Distribution homepage
BEERnix is a Linux live CD based on Knoppix.
Distribution homepage
Russian/Ukrainian language distribution; a universal distribution good for both Internet/Intranet server and a workstation or a home multimedia system. Black Cat joined forces with ASPLinux in 2001.
Distribution homepage
Blue Linux is a free operating system comprised of programs which are specialized for use in the educational field.
Distribution homepage
BuffaloLinux is based on a Slackware derived distribution called VectorLinux. Buffalo enhancements include pre-installed MS Windows Office or Lotus using CodeWeavers Office, and pre-installed database access using IBM DB2 Connect or Oracle.
Distribution homepage
cAos is a community of open source contributors and users. cAos users are organizations and individuals who do not need strong commercial support in order to achieve successful operation.

Our goals are:

* Provide free, stable, enterprise-level Linux solutions,
* Maintain community standards,
* Utilize the most current packages where possible,
* Achieve longevitity, and
* Meet the needs of users and developers.

The kernel and almost every application that makes up a Linux distribution are free and are supported by their respective development groups. cAos is simply a effort to integrate these components into usable, stable products.
Distribution homepage
A client-only use version of Linux, using gcc and gforth; installs on x86 PC's and PS/2's with a 386 or better and 4 meg of RAM. Hardrive space required varies by install method, but 40 meg is probably the minimum. There are also cLIeNUX utility-floppy images.
Cobind Desktop
Cobind is a software company based in Pittsburgh, USA, whose mission is to simplify the creation of custom Linux distributions to promote the presence of open source technology in the mass market. Based on Fedora Core Linux, Cobind Desktop marries XFce and Nautilus into a cohesive desktop experience featuring Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird. Simple, fast, and familiar, it is the Linux desktop experience built with the typical user in mind.
Distribution homepage
College Linux
CollegeLinux is a new, stand-alone operating system based on Slackware Linux and created by the Robert Kennedy College, Del�mont, Switzerland. The aim of this experimental Linux distribution is to provide to RKC students and student population at large with an operating system which is easy to install and use and which provides an alternative to the traditional commercial operating systems.
Distribution homepage
Languages: Portugese, Spanish (English is in development) A Brazilian Linux distribution aimed at beginning users and made specifically for Latin America. Connectiva comes in both an e-server or desktop configuration.
Distribution homepage
Damnsmall Linux
Damn small Linux is a very small live CD Linux distribution. It has a working desktop environment yet is small enough to fit on a business card-size CD.
Distribution homepage
Debian is kernel independent. It currently uses the Linux kernel but work is in progress to provide Debian for other kernels, using Hurd. It offers more than 2250 free software packages (based on GNU tools).
Distribution homepage
DemoLinux allows one to run Linux without installation, disk partitioning and other hassles which inhibit giving Linux a try.
Distribution homepage
DragonLinux is a Slackware based distribution, streamlined to make it easer for newcomers. Using loopfiles, it installs on a Windows or DOS based system without the need for repartitioning. There is an extremely active support group to welcome new users.
Distribution homepage
Dyne:bolic Linux
Dyne:bolic GNU/Linux is a live bootable distribution working directly from the CD without the need to install or change anything on harddisk. It can recognize most of your hardware devices and offers a vast range of softwares for sound and video production, streaming, 3d modeling, peer to peer and filesharing, deejaying and veejaying, games, a world navigator with detailed maps and factbooks and much more.
Distribution homepage
Eadem Enterprise AS
Based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Eadem Enterprise AS is the core operating system and infrastructure enterprise Linux solution. Supporting the largest commodity- architecture servers with up to eight CPUs and 16GB of main memory, and available with the highest levels of support, Eadem Server is the ultimate solution for large departmental and datacenter servers.
Distribution homepage
ElxLinux offers easy installation, intuitive desktop, wizard driven configurations, and high security. Users migrating from Windows will find Elx an easy transition as Elx retains both the style and functionality of the goodies left behind in Windows like My computer, Network Neighbourhood, Control Panel, Set up wizards etc.
Distribution homepage
E-Loop is a linux distribution on a bootable cd that mounts a serpent encrypted filesystem on a windows partition. It also includes scripts to encrypt personal files.
A secure distribution of Linux that implements advanced security techniques. It can be used as a Web, DNS, e-mail, database, e-commerce, and general Internet server. Includes acomplete suite of e-business services, intrusion alert capabilities, improved authentication and access control utilizing strong cryptography, and complete SSL secure web-based administration capabilities.
Distribution homepage
A Linux distribution developed in Spain and oriented toward Spanish-speaking users. Installation, command lines, documentation and user's manual are all in Spanish (Castellano).
Distribution homepage
Feather Linux is a Linux distribution which runs completely off a CD or a USB pendrive and takes up under 64MB of space. It is a Knoppix remaster (based on Debian), and tries to include software which most people would use every day on their desktop.
Distribution homepage
The Fedora Project is a Red-Hat-sponsored and community-supported open source project, though it is not a supported product of Red Hat, Inc. The goal of The Fedora Project is to work with the Linux community to build a complete, general purpose operating system exclusively from free software. The project will produce time-based releases of Fedora Core about 2-3 times a year with a public release schedule. The Red Hat engineering team will continue to participate in the building of Fedora Core and will invite and encourage more outside participation than was possible in Red Hat Linux.
Distribution homepage
FTOSX, the Future Technologies Operating System, based on Linux and X Window Technologies, is an innovative rpm-based Operating System dedicated specially for the Desktop. It resumes the classical Office programs: "OpenOffice", "koffice", "TeXmacs" and "scribus" under the acronyms: FTOffice. It also includes features for scientific research like "maxima", a program equivalent to Mathematica. It includes a C-Lisp compiler as well as a BASIC interpreter together with other classical UNIX programs like "banner". FTOSX plays special attention to Multimedia, and is capable to displaying any DVD movie, as well to rip or re-burn music CD on the fly. It includes also Real Player One of Linux. FTOSX includes just 5 RPM Groups, with the innovative group: Media, that includes: Scientific books, Classical Books, Web Streams, etc.
Distribution homepage
Frustix is a linux OS which is distributed in an ISO image. You can burn it to a CD (443 MB) and place it in your CD drive. Booting from this CD gives you a complete basic Linux with some apps and some games.
Distribution homepage

Generations Linux is a GNU/Linux operating environment based on the 2.6 Linux kernel series. The minimal requirements is an Intel 80486 processor and 64MB of memory. The distribution uses compressed file system to run on a boot/live CDROM/DVD or USB flash media using as little as 128MB.

Provided is a sample generations-iso.vmx file for using the ISO9660 image file with VMware virtualization software. The generations.iso can also be used with the VirtualBox virtualization products.

The ultra-light desktop environment provided uses fluxbox and a GTK+ based panel for a familiar start menu, docklets such as a clock, volume control, and a battery monitor (when battery detected), there is built-in management of desktop shortcut icons. Additional GTK+ applications include remote desktop, remote file browsing/transfer (gFTP), GTKpod, pidgin, file browser, image browse/display, screen capure, Firefox web browser, etc.
Distribution homepage
Gentoo Linux is a versatile and fast, completely free x86-based Linux distribution geared towards developers and network professionals. Unlike other distros, Gentoo Linux has an advanced package management system called Portage. Portage is a true ports system in the tradition of BSD ports, but is Python-based and sports a number of advanced features including dependencies, fine-grained package management, "fake" (OpenBSD-style) installs, safe unmerging, system profiles, virtual packages, config file management, and more.
Distribution homepage
Gibraltar, a Debian GNU/Linux based firewall distribution, available for download. This Gibraltar does not need to be installed on a harddisk but can be run directly from the bootable, live CD-ROM. All software packages written for Gibraltar, including the shell scripts for booting, maintaining and administering it, can be distributed under the terms of the GNU general public license. The complete, bootable ISO images of Gibraltar can be used freely but commercial distribution is restricted.
German Distribution homepage, English Distribution homepage
Giotto is a floppy Linux, a bootable floppy disk that comes with the necessary parts of the Linux operation system. Giotto boots from a floppy (it can be installed also on a harddisk) and runs completly out of the system's RAM, generally no harddisks are required.
Distribution homepage
GoboLinux is a Linux distribution that breaks with the historical Unix directory hierarchy. Basically, this means that there are no directories such as /usr and /etc. The main idea of the alternative hierarchy is to store all files belonging to an application in its own separate subtree; therefore we have directories such as /Programs/GCC/2.95.3/lib.
Distribution homepage
A Polish distribution which originally came with the Hakin9 magazine about security. Since issue #2 they have added the Hakin9 Live - bootable distribution (based on Aurox Live) which contains all the tools and materials needed to practice methods and techniques described in articles in the magazine.
Distribution homepage
Ignalum Linux OS version 9 is an intuitive graphical environment that works right out of the box and offers unrivaled compatibility with Microsoft Windows. This new release is one of the most advanced and powerful Linux systems currently available, with industry-leading usability features such as single sign-on authentication for a mixed Unix-Windows environment and Ignalum's advanced Internet-sharing and IPv6-over-NAT capabilities.
Distribution homepage
"Immunix" is a family of tools designed to enhance system integrity by hardening system components and platforms against security attacks. Immunix works by hardening existing software components and platforms so that attempts to exploit security vulnerabilities will fail safe, i.e. the compromised process halts instead of giving control to the attacker, and then is restarted.
Distribution homepage
JAMD Linux
JAMD Linux is a distribution based on Red Hat Linux aimed for the end user. It has the following features: recompiled for i686 and above processors; single CD, yet full featured; includes OpenOffice, Mozilla web browser, Evolution PIM, GnuCash personal finance, The Gimp graphics editor, games, educational software, and more; 4 step install (mouse, timezone, administrator password, user account creation); 13 minutes from install to desktop; end user friendly customizations.
Distribution homepage
Jolinux � uma distribui��o Linux destinada a desktop e baseada no Slackware utilizando os pacotes tipo TGZ.
Distribution homepage
Jollix linux is a completely free linux desktop distribution for x86, based on gentoo linux, pre-configured, for game and multimedia enthusiasts. It is distributed as a LiveCD to boot the PC.
German Distribution homepage, English Distribution homepage
K12Linux is a group of educators using Linux in schools. LTSP is the Linux Terminal Server Project. K12LTSP lets you boot diskless workstations from the server. The LTSP is all about running thin client computers in a GNU/Linux environment. You can use old PC's as diskless clients or buy new ones inexpensively.
Distribution homepage
Kalango Linux is a Brazilian Linux distribution designed for desktop use. It is based on Kurumin and uses the Debian package management tools.
Distribution homepage
KNOPPIX is a bootable CD with a collection of GNU/Linux software, automatic hardware detection, and support for many graphics cards, sound cards, SCSI and USB devices and other peripherals. KNOPPIX can be used as a Linux demo, educational CD, rescue system, or adapted and used as a platform for commercial software product demos.
Distribution homepage
KnoppiXMAME is a bootable CD/DVD image with hardware automatic probing and configuration for playing MAME games. No games are included, but they can be added to the ISO image, as well as new versions of X-MAME, gxmame, and the Linux kernel.
Distribution homepage
Knoppix-STD is a customized distribution of the Knoppix Live Linux CD. Boot to the CD and you have Knoppix-STD. That would include a customized linux kernel (2.4.21 with ntfs rw, openmosix, and superfreeswan patches), Fluxbox windows manager, incredible hardware detection and hundreds of applications. Boot without the CD and you return to your original operating system. Aside from borrowing power, peripherals and some RAM, Knoppix-STD doesn't touch the host computer. STD focuses on information security and network management tools. It is meant to be used by both the novice looking to learn more about information security and the security professional looking for another swiss army knife for their tool kit.
Distribution homepage
Kurumin is a Brazilian-based desktop distribution based on Knoppix. It has many of the same features of Knoppix but is much smaller, barely 193 MB.
Distribution homepage
LAMPPIX is a Linux live CD originating in Germany, based on Knoppix and Damn Small Linux. It comes with the XAMPP web server, MySQL database, PHP and Perl scripting languages, as well as other tools to run PHP-driven web pages directly off a CD-ROM.
Distribution homepage
LinEspa is a Spanish linux distribution, based on Knoppix and optimised for Spanish and Latin-American users. It includes a useful selection of software while featuring a Live-CD mode.
Distribution homepage
A networking-centric micro-distribution of Linux. LRP is small enough to fit on a single 1.44MB floppy disk, and makes building and maintaining routers, access servers, thin servers, thin clients, network appliances, and typically embedded systems next to trivial.
Distribution homepage
Linux via RPM
Linux via RPM (LvR) is a source-based RPM distribution loosely based on Linux From Scratch. All source packages are defined and build using XML'ized RPM spec files, making for a powerfull, flexible distribution with a de-facto standard packaging manager.
Distribution homepage
The LNX-BBC is a GPLed, GNU/Linux, mini-distribution aimed at PC based system rescue. In other words, it is a bootable operating system distributed on a mini CD-ROM.
Distribution homepage
A small Linux distribution that can be installed and run from a Dos/Win95/98 system without repartitioning.
Distribution homepage
LormaLINUX is Lorma Colleges' very own Linux Distribution that has been optimized and customized to meet the needs of educational institutions and its students. It is a full-featured Operating System specifically created for ease of installation, ease-of-use and functionality. LormaLINUX is FREE to the public.
Distribution homepage
Distribution created by the folks from DeepLinux and Redmond linux.
Distribution homepage
Magnux Linux
Originating in Brazil, Magnux Linux is a complete operating system built above the Linux kernel. It was entirely built from scratch and was not based on any other existing distribution. The main goal of this project is to build a clean, simple and secure Unix-like system well suited for server machines (though many users use it on their desktops). Magnux Linux is also designed with strict conformance with upcoming Linux standards (like FHS and the LSB) in mind.
Distribution homepage
Linux-Mandrake is a complete pre-configured graphical Linux operating system which comes with KDE, Gnome, Window Maker, Enlightenment and other graphical interfaces. It provides ease of use for both home/office and servers.
Distribution homepage
Mepis Linux is a desktop Linux that is designed for both personal and business purposes. It offers a live/installation/recovery CD, automatic hardware configuration, NTFS partition resizing, ACPI power management, WiFi support, anti-aliased truetype fonts, personal firewall, KDE 3.1.3, OpenOffice 1.1, and much more.
Distribution homepage
Monkey Linux
Czech language mini-linux. Monkey Linux can be extracted to the DOS filesystem (to the FAT32 too). This is complete small ELF distribution on 5 diskettes.
Distribution homepage
Munjoy Linux is a desktop distribution based on Debian GNU/Linux and KDE. This general-purpose desktop distribution focuses on user interface consistency, automation, and ease-of-use. Munjoy Linux is created by David Chester, a developer renowned for his famous Xft and FreeType hacks. The distribution includes a new set of TrueType fonts based on Bitstream Vera.
Distribution homepage
MyGeOs is a Source-Distribution based on the LFS System. It is compiled completely from source code but does not need for this a host operating system.
Distribution homepage
Based in France, Nasgaia is a CD based based Linux distribution, optimized for i686 processors and later, with an advanced installation program (Nsetup). It comes on a single CD, with a strict selection of common softwares, and tries to avoid duplicates softwares (and outdated things) for given tasks.
Distribution homepage
Using this system we get a light, usable linux console on our machine. On local hard-drive [or optionally floppy disk] it takes only about 400k [kernel and loadlin], while all the root is on an nfs server.
Onebase Linux
Onebase Linux is an independent granular Meta source-distribution with the moto of bringing Linux over one base in a much easier and flexible way. It can be fully optimized for your hardware and customized to your needs or software.
Distribution homepage
OpenNA Linux
OpenNA Linux is a GPL Licensed Linux operating system for 686 compatible architectures with full, professional quality Unix OS with rock-solid stability and industrial-strength networking. Highly secure, very fast, and modern Linux operating system, it is intended for those who want to install and run a Linux server for mission critical tasks in a high secure environment.
Distribution homepage
Orangecell Linux is a highly optimized, compiled-from-source distribution (like Gentoo LINUX), that is easy to install as well as configure. LINUX OS uses the Master Control program to install and configure the system. The Master control program uses a custom package manager APM to detect what settings are the best for your machine. Then, it will begin to compile all of the packages that you select automatically.
Distribution homepage
Peanut linux
Full Linux GUI distribution, that ships 99.9% software pre-configured with KDE-Desktop/WM, Netscape, HTTP/FTP/Telnet daemons, 5 X Games, KLicq Client, Igloo-Client, TKDesk, Packages include Quake3-Test(requires 3Dfx Video Card) Perl5 5.6.0, GVim 2.6, PCMCIA, PPP, ISDN, Cable modem support. Distribution homepage
Phlak linux
PHLAK is a Modular Live Security Linux Distribution Distribution homepage
Php Solutions Live
PHP Solutions live is a bootable linux distribution from Poland. Distribution homepage
Linux operating system based on Debian Knoppix aimed to provide student tools in theoretical and experimental physics. It includes the scilab-2.7 engineering math package, as well as the GiNaC symbolic algebra system glued with the CLN, NTL and GMP math libraries. Includes the gTybalt package, a free computer algebra system, together with the famous C interpreted ROOT data analysis tool from CERN.
Pingwinek is a modern Linux distribution made in Poland. The main desktop is GNOME and it currently supports Polish and English languages. The project also provides a Live CD edition. Distribution homepage
PLD Linux
Based in Poland, PLD Linux is an RPM-based Linux distribution designed mainly for servers and optimized for i386, i586, i686, alpha, sparc and PPC architectures. It employs Poldek, a package management tool, which, in addition to the normal rpm functions, has an auto-download feature for satisfying package dependencies. A rescue CD is also available for restoring systems, conducting forensics analyses, or running a Linux workstation from CD temporarily.
Distribution homepage
Puppy Linux
Puppy is a very fine smaller Linux distribution. The CDROM ISO of v0.6 is only 22M and loads totally into a 48M ramdisk, v0.7 is 28M and runs in a 64M ramdisk. This means that all applications start instantly and respond instantly. Puppy has a full suite of GUI applications and autodetection of hardware.
Distribution homepage
RedHat linux
User friendly linux distribution. Configurations are compatible for home or business users, or for server use. Redhat is notable both its for technical contributions to Linux architecture (such as the Red Hat Package Manager) and the fact that these additions are made available for anyone to use, modify, and distribute under the GNU General Public License.
Distribution homepage
Resala Linux Project is a single-CD distribution based on Fedora Core. The main objective is to: (a) create an Arabic-ready distribution to make it easy for computer users to use Linux in the Arabic-speaking countries, and (b) to open the door for all developers to contribute to a regional distribution. Resala Project is supported by where it will be maintained as a standalone project to allow contributions from everywhere and by everyone who can contribute.
Distribution homepage
Root Linux
ROOT is an advanced GNU/Linux operating system. It aims to be stable, flexible and fast. ROOT is a general-purpose system which includes software for both server and workstation use.
Distribution homepage
Slack/390 is the official port of SlackwareƂ® Linux to the IBM mainfme platform. It is intended to be a maintained, Free/Libre, and free (no charge) Linux/390 distribution. Slack/390 is kept as close as possible to the Intel Slackware distribution, with some exceptions due to the different needs of the two platforms.
Distribution homepage
Slackware has offered a stable and secure Linux distribution for UNIX veterans as well as an easy-to-use system for beginners. Slackware configurations are applicable for either server or workstation.
Distribution homepage
SLAX is a small bootable CD containing the Linux operating system. It runs Linux directly from the CD without installing. The Live CD described here is based on the Slackware GNU Linux distribution and is downloadable from this website as an ISO image. All scripts and source code are available and can be used to build your own Live CD.
Distribution homepage
Slimlinux is multi-purpose Linux mini distribution which fits to one floppy or can be installed to FAT partition.
Distribution homepage
Small Linux
Small Linux is a distribution which fits on a floppy and can boot in less than 2 megs of RAM. It is intended for users who need a Linux Kernel that meets small memory requirements. Small Linux has been used (console based) on a 386 laptop with 2 meg of ram and a 40 meg harddrive.
Distribution homepage
SME Server (Formerly E-Smith)
The SME Server is an open-source software package that, when installed on a PC-compatible computer, transforms it into a easy-to-use, Linux-based communications server. SME Server, a modified version of Red Hat Linux, is a complete suite of essential networking services for internal and external communications and collaboration. This standard Linux distribution has been simplified by making all of the configuration decisions in advance, such as which server packages to run, how permissions and security should be set, how the disk should be partitioned, how the directories should be organized so that the servers are properly integrated with one another, and so on. Distribution homepage
Smoothwall Express
SmoothWall Express is an open source firewall distribution based on the GNU/Linux operating system. SmoothWall includes a hardened subset of the GNU/Linux operating system, so there is no separate OS to install. Designed for ease of use, SmoothWall is configured via a web-based GUI, and requires absolutely no knowledge of Linux to install or use.
Distribution homepage
Snootix is a source-based distribution that installs Linux From Scratch and allows users to add BLFS and Snootix-specific packages of their choice. It features a number of game console emulators and more up-to-date packages than those featured in the BFLS book.
Distribution homepage
SoL is short for Server optimized Linux and is a Linux distribution completely independent from other Linux-distributions. It was built from the original src-packages and is optimized for heavy-duty server work. It contains all common server applications.
Distribution homepage
Sorcerer is a distribution for advanced systems administration with both command line and menu driven package mangement programs.
Distribution homepage
SOT Linux is a complete electronic office. Its embedded SOT Office software suite has every tool you'll ever need for any business communication.
Distribution homepage
Sourcemage is a source-based GNU/Linux distribution based on a Sorcery metaphor of "casting" and "dispelling" programs, which they refer to as "spells".
Distribution Homepage
Spinix is a new, complete GNU/Linux distribution geared toward ease of use. Currently, Spinix is still in the beta stage.
Distribution homepage
StartCom Enterprise Linux
StartCom Enterprise Linux, based on modified RedHat AS-3 source codes, is the ultimate solution for middle sized servers to large data centers. Included in this distribution are a comprehensive collection of open source server applications like Mail, File (SMB/NFS), DNS, Web, FTP and a complete desktop environment. StartCom Enterprise Linux is pre-configured and installs from CD, Network or your harddisk. StartCom offers a up2date service and lets you easily manage and update your StartCom Linux System.
Distribution homepage
Established in 1992, SUSE LINUX is one of the world's leading providers of Linux software and services.
Distribution homepage, English language version homepage
Tiny Sofa Enterprise Server
tinysofa enterprise server is a server targeted Linux distribution based on Trustix Secure Linux. Major new features include a complete distribution port to python 2.3 and rpm 4.2, an overhauled pam authentication system providing system-wide authentication configuration, the latest upstream packages, the replacement of ncftp with lftp, the addition of gdb and screen, feature additions to the swup updater which provide multiple configuration file support, user login FTP support, enable/disable support, variable expansion support (allows multiple architectures) and many more enhancements.
Distribution homepage
Trinux is a portable Linux distribution that boots from a single floppy disk, loads it packages from a FAT/Ext2 partition, floppy disks, or HTTP/FTP servers, and runs entirely in RAM.
Distribution homepage
Trustix AS has filed for bankruptcy, but the developers of Trustix Secure Linux have continued the project under a new name, and offer cross upgrades from your Trustix Secure Linux installation to the corresponding Tawie Server Linux release.
Distribution homepage
uOS (formerly known as Telemetry/Linux) is a complete Operating System that can be configured and built in a flexible way. uOS is Source based, and the uOS distribution is dedicated to making the end-user experience as painless as possible. uOS is based on GCC 3.2 / GLIBC 2.3 / WOLK Linux Kernel / X 4.2.1, and it supports the newest drivers as well as the newest compilers.
Distribution homepage
Vector Linux is a small, fast, Intel Linux operating system based on one of the original Linux distributions, Slackware. Slackware has been traditionally known to be about as user friendly as a coiled rattlesnake and that's where Vector Linux comes into play. VL is a bloat free, easy to install, configure and maintain Slackware-based system.
Distribution homepage
vnlinuxCD (formerly KDLC Linux)
vnlinux CD is a Vietnamese live CD Linux distribution based on Mandrake Linux.
vnlinuxCD (t�n cu~ KDLC) l� ba?n Linux LiveCD du+.a tr�n Mandrake (1), ?u+o+.c Vie^.t h�a bo+?i nh�m mandrake-vi(2) v� gnome-vi(3), su+? mklivecd cu?a livecd project(4). Mu.c ?�ch cu?a vnlinuxCD se~ nha('m v�o ngu+o+`i su+? desktop b�nh thu+o+`ng vo+'i c�c chu+'c na(ng nhu+ soa.n tha?o va(n ba?n v� l�m vie^.c vo+'i spreadsheets vo+'i giao die^.n tie^'ng Vie^.t(5). Nghe nha.c, xem phim, l�m vie^.c vo+'i a?nh tu+` m�y h�nh ?ie^.n tu+? hoa(.c m�y scanner. Duye^.t, chat vo+'i ba.n b�, vie^'t email vo+'i giao die^.n tie^'ng Vie^.t m� kh�ng ca^`n pha?i c�i ?a(.t pha^`n me^`m l�n o^? cu+'ng! Tuy nhi�n ba.n cu~ng c� the^? c�i vnlinuxCD l�n o^? cu+'ng t�y th�ch.
vnlinuxCD cu~ng l� mo^.t ba?n Linux LiveCD ?a^`u ti�n vo+'i giao die^.n tie^'ng Vie^.t v� chu+'c na(ng ?ie^`u khie^?n desktop ba(`ng n�i!
Distribution homepage
Voodoo Linux
Voodoo Linux has gradually moved from a Red Hat base to Debian/GNU. RPM support is still available, but not suggested for production systems. The main reason for releasing Voodoo Linux was to offer a GNU/Linux based OS bundled with their line of personal computers and servers in the most cost effective manner. Hardware certification and support contracts as required by Red Hat (and competitors) proved to be very expensive so they took matters in their own hands.
Distribution homepage
Linux distributions for Apple and IBM RS/6000 computers. YDL is built upon the "monolithic kernel" and is RPM-based. Yellow Dog Linux Champion Server, is geared toward a wide range of network applications such as ISPs, corporate intra/extranets, web and network servers. A single user version of yellowdog is under development.
Distribution homepage

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Telp : (0271) 716525
Fax : ( 0271) 721559

Jl. Monginsidi 1,
Tel. 62-271-661166

Jl. Dr. Rajiman 329,
Tel. 62-271-713292

Jl. Jalak 1,
Tel. 62-271-714843

Jl. Latar Ireng 22
Tel. 62-271-722467

Jl. Adisucipto 30,
Tel. 62-271-713158

Jl. Veteran 265/266,
Tel. 62-271-711011

Jl. Dr. Rajiman,
Tel. 62-271-712740

Jl. Gajah Mada 25,
Tel. 62-271-712233

Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan 12,
Tel. 62-271-712270

Cinderejo Kidul,
Tel. 62-271-719246

Jl. Ki Hajar Dewantoro Kentingan Jurug
Po.Box 317,
Tel. 62-271-48616, 48618

Jl. Slamet Riyadi 331,
Tel. 62-271-711812

Jl. Slamet Riyadi 362,
Tel. 62-271-717958, 716995

Kendedes Hotel
Gonilan Rt. 02/05, Kertapura

Trio Hotel
Jl Jend Urip Sumoharjo 25
SOLO 57129

Paket Sekolahan

Terbaru paket internet buat sekolah paling murah dan lagi ngetrend di daerah solo dan sekitarnya. Silakan bagi sekolahan yang mau menggunak internet daerah solo dan sekitarnya buat sekolahan dengan harga yang paling murah dan fasilitas tambahan yang luar biasa. Paket Sekolahan seperti ini hanya anda dapatkan di PT Smartlink Global Media.

Alamat : PT Smartlink Global Media
Jl Ir Sutami 82 F Surakarta
Telp : 0271 667991

Speedy PriceList


Speedy adalah produk Layanan internet access end-to-end dari PT. TELKOM dengan basis teknologi Asymetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL), yang dapat menyalurkan data dan suara secara simultan melalui satu saluran telepon biasa dengan kecepatan yang dijaminkan sesuai dengan paket layanan yang diluncurkan dari modem sampai BRAS (Broadband Remote Access Server).
Disini anda dapat menemukan informasi tentang paket - paket berlangganan speedy yang berlaku secara nasional, maupun yang hanya berlaku di daerah anda saja.

Paket Nasional
Paket Layanan Satuan Speedy Office Speedy Warnet Speedy Personal Speedy Professional Speedy Time Based
PSB Rp 75.000 75.000 75.000 75.000 75.000
Abonemen Rp 750.000 1.750.000 200.000 400.000 200.000
Kuota - Unlimited Unlimited 1000 MB / bln 3000 MB / bln 50 Jam/bln
Kelebihan Pemakaian - No No Rp 500/MB Rp 500/MB Rp 25/menit


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